A Day Downtown

I got up this morning and found a note next to the computer keyboard. It was a list of movies showing at The Regal at Thornton Place, The Regal 16 in Downtown, and the Sundance. The note was in Phillip’s handwriting. There was an asterisk next to “John Wick”.

We boarded a 47 bus to Downtown, to see John Wick: Chapter 2 at The Regal 16. Neither one of us had seen “Chapter 1”, but that didn’t seem to matter to either of us.

We got there before the theater opened, and as we stood outside, playing Pokémon Go, and occasionally chatting with a woman who was taking her grandchild to see Lego Batman, it occurred to me that I didn’t have much cash in my pocket.

I checked my phone’s app for credit union ATMs near us. The closest was about three blocks away. I did a Google search for all ATMs near us, and learned there was a bank ATM a half-block away. (It’s official: Smart phones are cool.) We went to the bank ATM. Sometimes, it’s worth paying a three dollar service fee to save a three block walk (not always, but sometimes).

We both enjoyed John Wick: Chapter 2, despite coming into the story without knowing anything beforehand. We agreed that it had a very graphic novel feel to it.

After the movie, Phillip checked his phone and learned that A Cure for Wellness was playing, at the same theater, in about an hour. Phillip had seen a trailer – I had not. So, Phillip showed me the trailer on his phone. It looked good to me. We went down to the lobby, bought two tickets, and went back up to the theaters.

We both enjoyed A Cure for Wellness – a lot. Afterwards, we went next door to the sports bar at GameWorks for dinner. We’re not big fans of sports bars, but the food there is very good. There was some weird slam dunk contest on the televisions behind the bar.

After dinner, we rode light rail from Westlake Station to Capitol Hill Station. We stopped into Phoenix Comics and Games, where Phillip had a comic book on order. I asked the guy there about the John Wick graphic novel. He replied that he’d never heard of it. The staff at Phoenix is very knowledgeable, so it seems our earlier assumption had been wrong.

As we walked home, we passed C.C. Attle’s. Phillip said, “I kind of want to go in and get smashed, but I’d rather go home and go to sleep.” I replied, “Yeah, that sounds good to me, too.” (It was about 7:30.)

It’s official: We’re old.

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