Presidents’ Day Shopping

It was Phillip’s shopping trip. I was along for the ride, and to provide the company, and to push the cart. $175.00 had been donated to buy socks and underwear for the homeless, and it was Phillip’s task to do the shopping. Really, I can’t think of a better reason to go shopping on Presidents’ Day.

Phillip chose to go shopping at the Fred Meyer in Ballard. He was doing the driving.

Along the way to Ballard, Phillip took a detour into Fremont. We stopped into Theo Chocolate. I don’t know how much Phillip spent, but I spent $45 on chocolate. I could have spent a lot more. Half of my purchase was spent on chocolate bitters (which is very good in a shot of Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire cinnamon whiskey, by the way). Only one of my purchases was on something I’d had before: Theo Orange 70% Dark Chocolate. (It’s my favorite Theo Chocolate.)


Oh, yum.

$175.00 worth of socks and underwear filled two grocery bags, thanks to Fred Meyer’s sales. We learned today that buying women’s underwear is not that different from buying men’s underwear – it comes in multi-packs, and are sized by waist size. (It was a first time experience for either of us.)

On our way back home, we stopped into Two Shoe BBQ for lunch. Phillip had been there before – I had not. The food there is delicious, and the decor is awesome.


A chainsaw chandelier

Now it’s mid-afternoon, and we have no further plans.

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