Ordering, In The Old Days

My third pair of footwear from Oliberté arrived today.

My Zabilo and Anbesso shoes are holding up well, and are still comfortable, but I felt the need for a pair of boots.

bootsThese are Nusnik x Highlander boots. They are the first shoes I’ve bought from Oliberté that were not on sale. (Today, they are on sale, for one day only. Oh, well.) I ordered them a week ago Saturday. I opted for the free shipping. I was in no hurry. The day after I placed the order, I received an email telling me my boots had shipped from Cheektowaga, New York.

If you think I didn’t immediately run to the internet to find out where Cheektowaga, New York is, and what it looks like on Google Street View, you haven’t been reading my blog for very long. (Welcome new viewers!)

Last Saturday, a week after I placed my order, and Phillip and I were Downtown, waiting for the Regal 16 to open, Phillip asked me where I boots were. I told him that the last time I checked, they were in Las Vegas. (I then added that my boots were having a good time in Vegas without me.)

Then we had a conversation that went something like this:

Me: Remember the old days, when you’d mail in a card from a catalog, along with a check, and you’d have no idea where your package was, or when it would arrive? And, for me, it would arrive just about the time I stopped thinking about it.

Phillip: Yeah, and it would take six to eight weeks for your order to arrive. Can you imagine ordering something today, and being told you’d have to wait eight weeks to get it?

Yes, we’re old, but I have comfy new boots from a small factory in Ethiopia.

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