Another Reason To Ride The 47

There are many reasons why I would occasionally choose to ride the 47 bus home from work, rather than my preferred ride on Link light rail. Maybe I want a change of scenery. Maybe I want to stop into the Downtown Post Office. Maybe I feel like playing Pokémon Go on the ride home. (Yes, I know, Pokémon Go is supposed to be about walking.)

Today, I had a new reason to ride the 47 home: I have new boots. They fit me wonderfully. They received lots of complements around the office. (One coworker asked me if they have maps on the soles. They do.) I wore them all day today. But they are boots. And they are made of leather. And they are new. Like all new leather boots, they have a breaking-in period. At the end of the day, my feet felt fine, but my shins were a little sore. I could have done the six-block walk home from Capitol Hill Station, but I wanted to give my shins a rest, and a shorter, flatter walk home from the 47 stop seemed a better option.

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