Stops At The Library

Phillip took the day off today, and I had the morning to myself.

I put on my Zabilo shoes (my shins are still trying to get used to my Nusnik boots – it’s been only two days, and the breaking-in period is continuing) and decided to walk up the hill to Capitol Hill Station, instead of catching the 47.

I stopped outside of the Capitol Hill Library long enough to catch a couple of Pokémon and get the Pokéstop at the library. Then I continued on my way.

It was a pleasant morning – a little chilly, but not too cold.

The platform at Capitol Hill Station was busy on the southbound side. Despite what the arrival sign said, I had less than a 4-minute wait for the train. (While I agree that the arrival signs need work, but with the trains running every 6-10 minutes, I don’t feel it’s a big deal.) The back car of our two-car train was standing-room only when we arrived at Westlake Station.

I started work with only one, all-day task ahead of me – which is a rare occurrence these days – and it was all data-entry. So I binge-listened to “A Day in My Life” videos from Texan in Tokyo.

It was a nice, quiet day at work.

I rode Link light rail home. I stopped into Phoenix Comics and Games and bought a book I’ve had my eye on for quite a while. I bought it for the 2017 Reading Challenge, so I won’t tell you what it is, yet.

I stopped into the Capitol Hill Library. My hold on Season 6 of Game of Thrones is currently “In Transit”. When I un-paused my hold last December, I was in position 701 on 125 copies. A couple of days ago, my place in line dropped to 78, and it was my turn. It was still “In Transit” when I started home today, but I figured I might as well stop in and check the holds shelf, since I was there.

It hadn’t arrived yet, so I walked home.

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