A Serendipitous Brunch

At my suggestion today, Phillip and I rode light rail to Columbia City. I wanted to go to lunch at Geraldine’s Counter. I’d been there before, but he hadn’t.

After some confusion – I had said “Columbia City”, and that’s what he heard, but his mind turned it into “Georgetown”, and he hadn’t been aware that Link light rail went there – we walked up the hill to Capitol Hill Station. Along the way, Phillip showed my how his new Pokémon Go Plus works. I was impressed, but not enough to buy one for myself.

Sound Transit seemed to be running three-car trains on all the Link trains. While not packed, they were far from empty. I keep pointing out stuff like that, because I’m always pleased to see our public transit so successful.

We walked from Columbia City Station to Columbia City’s main shopping area on Rainier Avenue. The line to be seated at Geraldine’s was out the door, and halfway down the block. I knew the place was popular, but I hadn’t expected that.

We looked across the street and saw that a restaurant named Island Soul was open. Neither one of us had been there, and we decided to try it. There were serving a brunch menu. It, too, was busy – all the tables were taken – but we were assigned to seats at the bar without a wait. It turned out to be a serendipitous brunch. (“Serendipity”, by the way, happens to be one of my favorite words – both in meaning and in sound.) The food was delicious. Phillip had a rasta bowl, with a Bloody Maria, and I had catfish and grits, with coffee. Yummy.

After brunch we stopped into Columbia City Bakery. I didn’t notice what all Phillip bought, but I bought some cinnamon twists to go.

We made a brief stop into Columbia Branch Library, just to look around. Then we walked back to Columbia City Station. We rode north as far as Capitol Hill Station.

We walked into Phoenix Comics and Games, where Phillip checked to see if he had any holds to pick up. He didn’t. We stopped into Rocket Fizz, where Phillip bought some assorted candy, and I bought a mystery bag. (I chose the bag with the sleeping cat on it.)

We stopped into a couple of convenience stores, where Phillip looked for Caffeine-Free Diet Coke. We know of only one store in our neighborhood that sells Caffeine-Free Diet Coke, and it’s sold out for a few days. (Even the giant QFC doesn’t sell it!) Phillip wasn’t surprised to not find it at either of the stores we stopped into.

We walked home. It was a good day.

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