The First Book In A Series

Am I over-thinking this, or is the Category “The first book in a series you haven’t read before” strangely worded? Why specify that I haven’t read it before? (I’m assuming that means I haven’t read the series before, rather than I haven’t read the first book before.) Why not just say “The first book in a series”? I suppose it’s possible that I’ve read books in a series, out of order, but not the first one. Yeah, Phillip’s right – I am over-thinking it. Never mind. For this Category, I chose a book I haven’t read before – the first book in a series that I haven’t read any books in before.

saga-v-1Saga, Volume One, written by Brian K. Vaughn and illustrated by Fiona Staples, was first published in 2012. It’s an ongoing comic book.

Whenever Phillip and I stop into Phoenix Comics and Games, I usually find myself wandering over to the store’s “Phoenix Favorite” self and looking at the Saga series. I didn’t know much about it, other than what the covers suggested, and the brief synopsis the Phoenix staff gave. With the 2017 Reading Challenge in mind, I stopped in one day, on my way home from work, and bought Volume One.

The planet Landfall and its only moon, Wreath, have been at war with each other longer than anyone can remember. Because the destruction of one would cause the destruction of the other, the war has been “outsourced” to other planets.

Saga, Volume One, begins with the birth of a baby girl, on the planet Cleave. Her mother is Alana, a deserter from the Landfall military. Alana had been assigned to guard Prisoner #9763572, a pacifist soldier from Wreath. Alana and the prisoner disappeared at the same time. The baby girl’s father is Marko, that former prisoner. Alana and Marko married soon after their mutual escape.

The baby girl has her mother’s wings and her father’s horns. Before she is named, a battle erupts between a team of magicians from Wreath and a robot ruler from Landfall. Marko, Alana, and the baby, escape unharmed, and continue their life on the run.

All Alana and Marko want is to be left alone. But, with bounty hunters looking for them, that’s going to be difficult.

Saga is narrated, from a future time, by Hazel, the baby girl, the daughter of Alana and Marko.

Saga is an adult comic. It’s full of sex and violence and naked people. It’s a simple tale of a couple trying to find freedom. It’s also a complex tale of politics, of relationships, and surprising backstories.

It took me a while to get used to the style of the story. There’s a whimsical nature to it that, at first, seemed out of place in a story about war and death. There are those planet names like “Cleave” and “Quietus”. There’s the wise-cracking Marko. There’s the robot royalty of Landfall, with old-style monitors for heads, and names like Prince Robot IV. There’s Lying Cat – a talking feline with the ability to detect lies. Once I got used to it, though, it worked very well, somehow.

I’ve been looking for a comic book I can get into and enjoy. But I really had no idea where to start. There’s so much out there, and I didn’t even know what type of comic I was looking for. I think I’ve found my comic series with Saga.

I loved Saga, Volume One a lot. I want to go back to Phoenix and buy Volume Two.

  • The first book in a series you haven’t read before

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