A Surprise To End The Day

I hadn’t intended this morning’s blog post to be a two-parter. The morning’s drama was over. The snow had melted. I’d leave work a little early, because I started work a little early. Then I’d ride a 74 bus up to the U District, and I’d meet Phillip at Sundance Cinemas and we’d watch a movie with a couple of friends. Then Phillip and I would drive home. That would be the end of the day.

While I was at work today, the sky Downtown kept getting darker, and darker, and darker. Late this afternoon, hail started pounding against the windows. The hail turned to snow, and was sticking to the ground.

My phone rang. It was Phillip. Have you looked outside, he asked. (Believe me, everybody was looking outside.) We agreed to cancel the movie, and get home while we still could.

Probably because of the weather, and  probably also because of an overturned tanker truck that closed down I-5 all day, in the heart of Downtown, Pioneer Square Station’s platforms were jam-packed. The Link train home couldn’t have squeezed in any more people, I think.

Capitol Hill was covered in slushy snow, but mostly pools of water. It wasn’t snowing at all on my walk home.

Seattle’s weather is often very exciting and surprising.

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