A Surprise To Start The Week

I get up before Phillip does, on weekdays. It’s a habit, more than anything else. I have three alarms set on my phone. The first tells me it’s time to wake Phillip up, if he’s going to ride the bus to work. The second tells me it’s time to wake Phillip up, if he’s going to drive to work. The third tells me it’s time for me to leave for work.

Phillip drove today, so when that first alarm went off, I shut it off, and continued reading posts on Facebook. About one second before the second alarm went off, I saw a post from Capitol Hill Blog about the snow on Capitol Hill. The alarm went off, I shut it off, and then dashed to the window and opened the curtains.

There were large flakes of snow falling from the sky. The tops of cars, the tops of trees, and the grass, were white. I had no idea. It’s been so mild lately, I hadn’t bothered checking the weather forecast yet.

I woke Phillip up, told him it was snowing, and apologized for having no idea about the snow. He seemed as surprised as I was.

We took another look out the window, at the street before. The streets and sidewalks were free of snow accumulation.

I checked the weather forecast. Although there was a 90% chance of snow and/or rain, the high temperature would be 41 degrees, with a low of 32. We agreed that it was going to be OK. Driving would be fine. Neither of our offices would be closing today.

My commute was normal, other than the snowflakes outside of the 47 bus window. I didn’t receive a text from Phillip saying our car was stuck in a snowbank. There was no snow Downtown this morning.

It’s midday, the sky is overcast, and still no sign of snow Downtown.

Seattle weather is often exciting and surprising.

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