Library Questions

Earlier this week, I told Phillip that I enjoyed Saga, Volume One and that I was thinking about buying Volume Two. (Of course, he’d read my blog post at that point.) He replied, “Does the library have it?”

It was an intriguing question, and it opened up a whole lot of other questions for me. Why didn’t it occur to me – at all – to look into borrowing it from the library? Why did I buy a comic I knew so little about?

Is it because we’re in Phoenix so often? Is it because Phillip buys his Squirrel Girl comics there? If Elliott Bay Books were closer, and on my way to or from work, would I have purchased more books in the Reading Challenge?

I love our library, and I enjoy borrowing books. And, yes, it does have the Saga series in its catalog. Will I still buy Volume Two? Probably.

Phillip and I met up at the library after work today, before dinner at Blue Moon Burger. My hold on Season 6 of Game of Thrones still hadn’t come in. So, I asked about it at the desk.

The staff member agreed that it’s highly unusual for a hold to be in transit for a week. She agreed with my observation that it typically takes no more than three days. She suggested that the DVDs could have been misplaced – set on the wrong shelf, or had someone else’s name put on them. So, what she did was cancel my hold, put a new hold on it, and bump me up to first in line.

I checked my library app while we were at Blue Moon. I was, indeed, in position 1 for the 125 copies. But, it wasn’t in transit yet.

Now I’m home. My copy of Game of Thrones is once again “In Transit”. And, instead of saying that I’d placed the hold on December 1, it says I placed it on March 1.

I love our library.


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