A Weekend Of Changing Plans

Today was supposed to be a day of gaming in Everett. Phillip and I were supposed to spend yesterday with Kelly, spend the night at her place, and the three of us would go over to Lori and Joe’s place this morning, for gaming.

An illness and a wedding postponed the gaming – again – but the day with Kelly went ahead as planned.

When Phillip and I left Seattle, I had less than thirty pages left in The Golem and The Jinni, but I decided to leave the book home.

We got to Everett at noon yesterday, and Kelly and Phillip and I drove over to Famous Dave’s for barbecue served in a garbage can lid.


The three of us spent Saturday doing nothing, just sitting around talking, napping, and occasionally getting out to do some shopping.


Not a car garage

We went out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse. We made an attempt to contact Loki, to stop into to say hello after dinner, but he wasn’t answering his phone. He called us back later, when we were back at Kelly’s, but it was too late to visit in person.

We contacted Brian and suggested that he and Kathi join us for a movie on Sunday. They weren’t interested in a movie, but suggested breakfast at Buzz Inn Steakhouse Sunday morning.

Saturday night, Phillip and Kelly and I had our traditional pajama movie party. We watched Mad Max: Fury Road, which I had found at Value Village that day, for only $2.99. Phillip and I had both seen it multiple times, but Kelly had not.

I always know I’m taking a chance when I buy a DVD from a second-hand store, but for three dollars, it’s a risk I’m willing to take. The DVD played flawlessly.

This morning, we met up at Buzz Inn, and the five of us went to breakfast. Buzz Inn is a sit-down restaurant, but it’s set up like a fast-food restaurant. You order your meal from a person at the front counter, there’s a menu on the wall, and you pay for your meal in advance. The person at the gives you a number, and your coffee, if you ordered it, and you find a table. A food server brings your meal to your table, and the place turns into a sit-down restaurant again, with a server checking on you occasionally and refilling your coffee.


The person at the front counter was rather distracted, handling several things at once, and answering questions from various other employees. I ordered steak and eggs, and that was sort of what I got. It was close enough that I didn’t ask for it to be taken back. It tasted fine. The eggs were scrambled, like I’d asked. The toast was wheat, like I’d asked. The steak was rare, like I’d asked. So I didn’t say anything about it. The thing was, the steak was topped with a pineapple, and covered with a teriyaki-type sauce that tasted more like Worcestershire than teriyaki. But here’s the weird thing: None of us could find anything on the menu that had a pineapple-topped steak in it. I don’t know what the person at the front counter had heard me say, and I’m not sure what I was served.

After breakfast, we said goodbye to Brian and Kathi, and Kelly and Phillip and I drove over to Everett Mall and watched Logan. I enjoyed the movie a lot.

On Saturday, the weather forecast for Sunday involved snow in Everett. Phillip and I were prepared to cut the weekend short, fearing a snowstorm drive home, if needed. Early on Sunday morning, there had been hail, briefly. It started snowing as we parked outside of the movie theater, but it was too warn to stick to anything. After the movie, there was no sign of snow anywhere.

We had an uneventful, snow-free drive home this afternoon, with only a stop into Scarecrow Video.

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