Pasta And Words

Today was Writers’ Group. All five of us were there again. It seems the earlier scare of the group disbanding brought us all together.

When I joined Writers’ Group, in the late 1990s, we were a church group, and we met in a small room in the Parish House right after the service.

Writers’ Group eventually became a private group, but still composed of church members. The Group would meet up at Barbara and Don’s house right after service.

Now, Barbara is the only active member of the church that founded us. We continue to meet at Barbara’s house, and we continue to meet on Sundays.

When the Group moved out of the church, Don and Barbara would put out little dishes of snacks, maybe some ice cream and coffee, for us to munch on while we listened to each others’ writings. Somewhere along the way, the snacks turned into a light lunch, often plates of nachos, before the reading. Barbara always cooks up something nice and simple for us, despite our objections that she doesn’t have to. (She wants to, she keeps replying.) Often, someone in the Group will arrive with ice cream or cookies or fruit.

nut pastaToday, Barbara cooked up a delicious lunch of raisins, nuts, and garlic over pasta. It was quite elegant for such a simple dish. Phillip handed me a box of Girl Scout cookies to bring with me. (Barbara already had some vegan cookies for Rebecca.)


It was a fun day, as always. I brought a short addition to a longer piece I’m writing. It’s another Steampunk Seattle with anthropomorphized critters story. I don’t know where this story is going. I’m making it up as I go. That’s why my reading was so short today: I’ve reached a point where the story can go into one of several different paths, and I don’t know which way I want it to go yet.

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