Another Ride On The 74

The Sundance Cinema, in the University District, has a special deal on Mondays: Showing an ORCA card gets you a discounted movie ticket. (Phillip keeps better track of this sort of thing, so I don’t know all the particulars.)

Two Mondays ago, Phillip, Cristina, Michael, and I had planned on meeting at Sundance after work to see Get Out. Seattle’s surprise snowfall canceled that plan.

We tried again last Monday, but discovered that the start time for Get Out had been moved to an earlier time. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get from Downtown in time. (Phillip and Michael and Cristina all work in the U District.) So our plan was canceled again.

We tried again this evening. This time, I adjusted my start and end time at work. (My job has a certain amount of flex time.) I caught a 74 bus and got to the show with not a whole lot of extra time, but enough that I had time to catch my breath before the trailers started.

The 74 bus is a speedy way to get to the Roosevelt side of the U District. I like the 74. I caught it in Pioneer Square Station. The bus went up the transit tunnel, and onto the express lanes of the freeway. I exited at 42nd and 8th, the first stop after the freeway, about 15 minutes later. I then had a brisk half-mile walk up to 45th.

(I’ve often wondered if waiting until the stop at 11th and 45th would be quicker. It’s only a 0.1 mile walk to the theater, but it’s a longer bus ride, with more traffic lights. Plus, there are two crosswalk lights, across busy intersections, in contrast with only one crosswalk light from 42nd. I may try it sometime, when I’m not pressed for time. My instinct tells me that 42nd is the quicker option.)

Cristina had tried to make it this time, but had to cancel at the last minute. Michael and Phillip and I enjoyed Get Out. (It’s a very good movie.) Then the three of us walked over to Phillip’s office, picked up our car, and we gave Michael a ride home to First Hill.

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