My Latest Kick

Earlier this week, something made me think of that old TV show, Mannix.

I was aware of the show when it was on, in the late 60s and early 70s, but although my brother and I watched a lot of detective shows, like Cannon and Kojack, we never watched Mannix. I don’t know why. I’m guessing that something else was on at the same time.

So discovering it this week was discovering something new. I haven’t found many full episodes on YouTube, but I’ve listened to a few of the first and second seasons while I’ve worked this week. It’s not bad. It’s full of the standard TV detective clichés and sexism, of course, but it has enough interesting twists to keep me interested. And it has a catchy theme song.

Mike Connors plays Joe Mannix, a private detective. In the first season, Mannix works for a large detective agency named Intertect. He’s one of their best detectives, but he doesn’t always follow the rules. (Company rules prohibit more than one piece of paper on your desk at a time. Mannix’s desk is covered in papers.) Intertect has all kinds of high-tech computer equipment with flashing lights, spinning tape reels, and trays of punch cards. Mannix shoots at people, flirts with pretty women, and gets beat up by the bad guys. It’s fun.

In the second season, Mannix leaves Intertect, opens a more traditional private detective office, and the show wasn’t as interesting to me. Mannix ran for eight seasons.

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