Books Not Soup

Phillip went to a NorWesCon meeting today, leaving me home alone. Traditionally, this is my chance to enjoy a bowl of phở. It was a perfect, dreary day to warm up to a nice bowl of chicken soup, too. The only problem was, I wasn’t in the mood for phở. It just didn’t sound like lunch to me.

I walked up to the library and dropped off the book I checked out yesterday. Then I walked over to Blue Moon Burgers for lunch.

I walked over to QFC to buy some shampoo. The place was packed with customers. The lines at the check outs were extra long. It was around 1:00 on a Saturday afternoon, but it looked like 5:00 on a weekday evening. It looked like a Seattle grocery store when snow is forecast. I don’t know what was going on.

I walked out of QFC without shampoo. I continued south on Broadway to Rite Aid. The drug store looked like drug stores should on a Saturday afternoon. I bought shampoo there.

Since I was at that end of Broadway, I continued south to Phoenix. I bought Saga, Volume Two, and picked up a Squirrel Girl comic Phillip had on hold.

Then I walked home. That was my big, fun-filled day without my husband.

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