Anniversaries Dinner

Last Thursday was the fourth anniversary of our marriage at a science fiction convention. Today was the nineteenth anniversary of our wedding ceremony in a national forest.

I spent today sick in bed. I went to bed shortly after I got home from work yesterday, got up twice during the night, and slept a majority of the day today.

Tonight, we went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversaries. It was more or less my choice, since it was my treat. I wanted someplace we could walk to, since I wanted some alcohol with my dinner. I wanted a short walk, since I was still under the weather. I suggested Rooster’s Tex-Mex BBQ, on Broadway.  Phillip said that he’d actually been thinking about Rooster’s.

Over dinner, Phillip reminded me that Rooster’s used to be a dinner named Minnie’s, and that it was where we’d first met each other in person, in 1996. Right about where that table is, he pointed out. I remember that evening, but it hadn’t occurred to me when I’d suggested Rooster’s.