After being awake for a couple of hours this morning, I went back to bed. Phillip woke me up at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Phillip had some shopping to do. I chose to stay home and read.

Phillip came home with dinner. I finished the book I was reading while I ate.

I posted a blog post about the book I’d read. Then I checked in at Facebook. A mutual friend had posted that she’d lost a good friend today. The friend was Pamela. We both thought, at first, that they’d had a falling out, and were no longer Facebook friends. Then we read the rest of the post.

Pamela died tis morning. It was very sudden. She was younger than us.

Pamela was our friend in Arlington. We were there two Sundays ago.

Phillip was closer to her than I was, but I liked her a lot. Pamela had a wide circle of friends, and we all had our jobs to do. Phillip handled her paperwork, and co-built those wonderful multi-ingredient salads. I built fires, and took Mop Mop for walks when Pamela was in the hospital, and when she was running her massage table at NorWesCon.

I enjoyed her energy, her magic, her spirituality, and her posts that asked: “Have you seen any beauty today?”

We found the post around 5:00 this afternoon. It’s about 11:00 right now. I’m still trying to process this news.

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