City Changes

On my way into work, whether I ride the 47 bus or Link light rail, I pass by three Pronto! bike sharing stations. Pronto! shut down a few days ago. The bicycles are gone, but the stations are still there – waiting to be removed. I never used the service myself, but I’m sad to see it go. I had my doubts about it, the idea of bicycle sharing in this hilly, car-centric city, but I was happy to be wrong, and to see all those Pronto! bikes on the street. But, it seems that good ideas don’t always work out.

I don’t know when it happened,  but I first noticed the return of the 47 stop at Summit & Harrison last week. That stop had been removed between the elimination and the revival of route 47. The 47 will never be as good as it was back when it was the northern end of route 14, but I’m glad to see at least part of it restored to its former usefulness.

I saw my first car2go Mercedes-Benz CLA yesterday. It was quite a paradigm shift for me, seeing a car2go badge on a luxury sedan. I see the added choice as a good thing. It’s been a very long time since I’ve used a car2go, and I have yet to use my ReachNow account. It’s been years since I used Zipcar. I just haven’t had the need to borrow a car.

Seattle used to have several great neighborhood blogs. My favorites were the Capitol Hill Blog, the University District Blog, and the Beacon Hill Blog. The best of all the neighborhood blogs has been the Capitol Hill Blog. In addition to the standard community announcements, it contains real news, and actual investigative reporting. (That morning when all the buses in the neighborhood had stopped running, the only place that told me that someone had taken a joy ride in a stolen recycling truck was the Capitol Hill Blog.) Every neighborhood blog has since run out of energy (the last post on the Beacon Hill Blog is dated November 4, 2015) – except the Capitol Hill Blog. It’s been going as strong as ever – until now. Justin, the guy behind the blog, is taking a “break”. I hope the Capitol Hill Blog comes back, someday, but there’s no guarantee.

I was searching this blog this morning, looking for something, when I stumbled upon the day I went into a Walmart with Pamela. It was my first and only visit to a Walmart. Phillip waited in the car, but I was curious about the inside of this evil place. Pamela had promised me that the massage I had scheduled with her would rid me of the bad Walmart mojo. Sigh.