Two People In Paris

I went to Writers’ Group today, having written nothing. I read a couple of book reviews from my blog. Those seem to be popular.

On my walk home, I stopped into the library and picked up a book for the Reading Challenge. Poor Atlantis trilogy.

Tonight, Phillip and I watched the second film in the Before trilogy: Before Sunset. Phillip has admitted to me that he didn’t love the first film, Before Sunrise, as much as I did. I think we both loved this one, however.

It’s nine years later, and Jesse and Célene meet accidentally (maybe?) in Paris. Jesse is on a book tour, promoting a novel he’d written about two people who spend a night in Vienna. He has a little more than a hour before he has to leave for the airport, to catch a plane back to America. So, they go get coffee, and then go take a walk.

First off, is the question: Did either one of them show up at the train station, six months after that night?

Before Sunset is an hour and twenty minutes long. The story is told in real time. There are amazing, beautiful, long, unbroken shots of Jesse and Célene walking through Paris, talking. I suspect that if technology had allowed him to, Richard Linklater would have made the entire film as one continuous shot.

Jesse and Célene have both grown older. They’ve moved on with their lives. The feelings are obviously there, however. Célene keeps reminding Jesse that he has a plane to catch. Jesse keeps finding something else for them to do together, and Célene agrees.

There is love, reality, and hurt going on between those two in that trip through Paris.

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy did masterful acting, again.

Before Sunrise ended with an unanswered question. Before Sunset does, too.

This second film is even better than the first. It is amazing.