Trains And Books

Somehow, I ended up on a 3-car Link train this morning. Every other Link train is a 3-car train at peak hours, and the other half are 2-car trains. My timing is such that I’m typically on a 2-car train both going to work and coming home.

It was one of those morning when I kept looking at my watch, trying to figure out if I was running late or early. Every thing was normal, time-wise. The 47 bus had been on time, and had no noticeable delays. It was just an out-of-the-ordinary 3-car train.

Then, on my commute home, I was on another 3-car train. I don’t know if my timing was off, or if the Link schedule shifted, or (can it be) are all Link trains now 3-car trains?

Another hold came in at the library today. It had jumped ahead a place or two in the hold line, and arrived sooner than I’d planned. I’m now reading two books at the same time, both for the Reading Challenge. I can already tell that I’m going to like one book a whole lot more than the other. That may be a challenge in itself.

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