Decisions Decisions

Last night, I helped Phillip get ready for NorWesCon 40. My main task was to pack up the laptop. It’s a very old laptop that we hardly ever use anymore. I unplugged all the peripherals (the K key missing, so it now has a USB keyboard plugged into it). It was all ready to be put in its carrying case, and I couldn’t find the carrying case. The laptop has a 17-inch screen (we bought it partly to watch movies), so it’s large and heavy, and nearly impossible to carry around without the carrying case.

The carrying case wasn’t where we’ve always kept it. We searched through the apartment, looking in every place the case might be – which, given the fact that it’s the size of a suitcase, couldn’t be very many places. The case just wasn’t anywhere.

Phillip gave up, and decided he’d borrow one of the NorWesCon staff laptops. I was almost at that surrender point, too.

I decided to look in the trunk of our car – which I knew was a silly idea. Why would the case be in the trunk without the laptop in it? But I was out of options. Then, right as I was picking up the car key, a better idea came to me. What if it was in the storage room provided by the apartment building? I rarely think of that storage room. It made more sense than the car trunk, anyway.

That’s where it was: In the storage locker. Then I remembered: During one of our de-cluttering sessions, we’d agreed that it was silly to have a rarely-used laptop case the size of a suitcase sitting in the living room. We agreed that the storage locker was a much better idea. The case could be out of the way, in the locker, until whenever we needed it. That worked out well.

beer and peanuts

Beer & Peanuts

When I said goodbye this morning, Phillip was doing laundry, getting ready to leave for NorWesCon. I left for work

Last year, at the end of NorWesCon 39, I told Phillip that I’d decided that spending all four days, and all three nights, at the convention was too much. I told him I was thinking that spending a day – or maybe a day and a night – might be more enjoyable for me. This got misinterpreted, over the past few months, into him thinking I wasn’t going to NorWesCon 40 at all.

I realized that I wasn’t correcting Phillip. I realized that no one was questioning me about why I wasn’t going to the convention. I realized that I was settling into the idea of not going to NorWesCon 40. I’ve been enjoying my solitude lately.

But I haven’t made up my mind completely. NorWesCon is just a short light rail ride away. I could pop in on Saturday. Sakura-Con is also this weekend, and it’s just a mile away. I’ve never been there. It fun for costume-watching. Or I could stay home, drink beer, eat peanuts, and play Cities:Skylines, and enjoy my solitude.