An Unexpected Night

Last night, around eight o’clock, our phone rang. Usually, we don’t answer our landline, especially at 8:00 at night. It’s always telemarketers calling. Last night, though, I had the feeling that I should see who was calling. I recognized the name on Caller ID. It was Barbara, from Writers’ Group. I answered the phone.

Barbara had fallen, and aid unit had come, decided that she didn’t need to be taken to the hospital, and left. She was better now, but would I mind coming over and visiting with her for a while? Of course, I said I didn’t mind at all. I explained that I didn’t have my car, but I’d be right over.

As expected, there were no cars2go or ReachNow cars in the neighborhood.

As I headed out the door, it occurred to me that Barbara doesn’t have my cell phone number. I gave her a call, and suggested I give her my number, in case she needs to reach me before I get there. She said she’d be all right without it.

I walked up the hill at a brisker pace than I usually do when I’m on my way to Writers’ Group.  When I rang Barbara’s intercom, a woman I didn’t recognize appeared. She said her name was Isobel, and she introduced herself as Barbara’s neighbor across the hall. Isobel was smiling, so I wasn’t worried that something bad had happened.

I learned that Isobel had seen that Barbara had left her door open, and had checked to see if she was OK. Barbara told me she should have gotten my cell phone number, because Isobel had been sitting with her, and I didn’t have to come. I told Barbara that I was happy to come over.

Barbara laid down on her bed, she and I sat and talked, and watched the Arts channel together. Barbara told me it had been just a pinched nerve, and she was already feeling better.

At 10:00, I knocked on Isobel’s door. She came over to sit with Barbara. I gave Barbara my cell phone number, and said good night.

I walked up to 15th Avenue, to catch a 10 bus home. I just missed one – I saw it leaving the stop as I rounded the corner. OneBusAway told me the next one would be in 18 minutes. I walked into Caffe Ladro and got a latte to go. I walked down 15th to E Thomas Street, to the stop where both the 8 and the 10 stop. I had a 4 minute wait for an 8 bus.

The neighborhood was full of cars2go, but I didn’t need one then.

I rode the 8 bus down the hill and walked home.

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