No Convention, But Plenty Of Walking

Yesterday, I sent Phillip a text message saying that I was going to the Black Lives Matter march today, instead of NorWesCon. His reply was: “Awesome!”

Right before I left our apartment this afternoon, Phillip sent me another text message: “Photos or it didn’t happen”

I rode Link light rail to Westlake, where the rally started. I had a hot dog from Dog In The Park while I listened to speeches and music. I had fun reading everyone’s signs – there were many voices and groups there. The park was jammed with people, so we were constantly bumping into each other to let people pass. It was, indeed, awesome. Sakura-Con was going on nearby, so every once in a while, people in cosplay would squeeze through the crowd. It was fun and exciting.

Westlake rally


I was expecting rain, so I wore a heavy coat. I was hoping to buy a black beanie at the rally, so I didn’t wear a hat. The sun was shining, there was no rain, and I was much too hot in my coat. They were selling beanies up at the stage, but I never got up there.

When the rally ended, the march began. I hadn’t read, beforehand, what the parade route would be. I was surprised. It was the most interesting route I’d ever been a part of.

From Westlake, we marched south on 5th Avenue. Then we turned west onto Union Street. Then we marched south on 2nd Avenue. Then we turned east onto the rather steep, uphill Marion Street. Then we turned north on 4th Avenue, and marched past Westlake. Then we turned east on Virginia Street.

The marched ended on the steps of the US District Courthouse, where a second rally took place. Then the parade route made sense. If we had marched directly from Westlake to the Courthouse, the march would have been just two blocks long.

Courthouse rally

Courthouse panorama

I stayed for most of the second rally. Then I walked back to Westlake Mall. I hadn’t been there in a long time, and I was surprised to find that the entire food court was gone. I found a Taco del Mar in the mall, however, and I had a taco salad.

Then I rode light rail back to Capitol Hill, and walked home.

I am exhausted, but it’s a good kind of exhausted.

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