One Extra Book

The alarm woke me up Sunday morning. I’d forgotten to turn it off. I was tired and sore from Saturday’s march. I spent Sunday reading, playing Cities:Skylines, playing The Sims 4, walking to Top Pot and back, and not much else.

Phillip got home from NorWesCon somewhere between five and six in the evening. I helped him unpack. Neither one of us felt like cooking food, or walking up to Broadway for dinner, so we ordered a pizza and watched Wish I Was Here – one of our current DVDs from Netflix.

Phillip told me stories of his adventures at NorWesCon. It sounded like fun. He actually had some free time to enjoy the convention this year, he told me. I’m glad.

Phillip brought home some books for me (and us) – freebies from the registration swag bag, and an autographed copy of The Light Side of the Moon, by Elizabeth Guizzetti. Unfortunately, I had to remind him that I already had a copy of The Light Side of the Moon.

Last year, at NorWesCon 39, I met Elizabeth Guizzetti and bought her book, Other Systems. I bought it, and read it, for the 2016 Reading Challenge. I started reading it during the convention, and was enjoying it so much that I bought the sequel, The Light Side of the Moon, at that year’s charity auction. Apparently, Phillip remembered the first part of that story, but not the second part. It’s been quite a weekend.

bookshelfThe copy Phillip bought this year is autographed by the author. The copy I bought last year is not. So, this morning, I brought my copy to work and contributed it to the office lending library. (I could have contributed it to the bookshelf in Phillip’s office, and made a little more money for the food banks. But I didn’t think of that until the book was already on the shelf.)


Anyone who borrows the book from my office will soon realize that it’s a sequel. Maybe they won’t mind. I think the book stands on its own without having read the first one. Maybe if someone borrows it, they’ll enjoy it enough to buy Other Systems, and a local author will benefit. It’s OK that Phillip bought a book I already have. It all works out.