A Followup

Despite the impression I may have given in this morning’s review of Kitchen Confidential, I actually did enjoy most of the book. It was just that there were parts I didn’t enjoy. I also felt the book was too long. If the chapters were arranged into smaller books, with more focus, I would have given one or more of those books a glowing review.

I discovered today that several full episodes of No Reservations exist on the internet – either on YouTube or on the Travel Channel web site. I found that these episodes are too distracting to listen to while I work. I need something less visual and/or more dumbed down. I managed to listen to one episode – where Anthony Bourdain and his wife are in Rio de Janeiro – before I realized it just wasn’t working out.

The TV show, like the book, rambles through a lot of topics – travel, food, history, politics, sports, and family – but No Reservations follows a cohesive storyline, and the various topics tend to blend together soothly. That’s what I wanted the book to do.

I loved this show, and I hope I find some opportunity (not at work) to re-watch some of these episodes.


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