On a miserable, drizzly afternoon, Phillip and I walked over to the corner store, bought ingredients for dinner, continued walking to Top Pot for lattes to go, and then walked home and played a game of Pandemic.

Pandemic is a cooperative board game. Either everybody wins or everybody loses. The goal is to find cures for four pandemic diseases before time runs out.

Each player is assigned a specific role, with specific abilities. Phillip drew the Scientist, with the ability to share knowledge. I drew the Medic, with the ability to treat diseases.

We’d eradicated two diseases, and had found the cure for a third. I drew the last two player cards, however, and the game would be over at the end of Phillip’s turn. We were going to lose, but we agreed to play it out.

Then, in a research station in Istanbul, Phillip acquired five blue cards. The fourth disease had been cured. We won the game.

We both enjoy cooperative games, and Pandemic is a lot of fun.

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