Gaming 2

Today, Phillip and I drove up to Joe and Laurie’s house, in Everett, for another session of vampire role playing.

Brian treated us to a sampling of blueberry ale, and a full glass if we wished. Normally, we are not an alcohol group. I liked the ale, and had a full glass.

I forgot to ask, but I wonder if the blueberry ale was in any way connected to the Smurf discussion later in the day.

Kelly has dropped out of the game, for an understandable and happy reason. Kathi took a turn at being the Game Master. It was Joe, Laurie, Daniel, Brian, Phillip, and me playing vampires in Bellevue today.

I’m not as into this game as I have been with previous games. I’ve made that opinion public long before this post. But I’ve also promised to give this game a chance, and will continue playing.

The best part of today’s game, for me, was when our team met a trio of rival vampires in an alley. One was armed with a club, one had a handgun, and one had a shotgun aimed at us.

My character, a motorcycle gang member named Spider Smith, has a high skill rating in firearms. So I chose to dive behind a dumpster while shooting at the guy with the shotgun, action movie style. These were two actions, each requiring a three-dice roll.



My dodging action roll gave me two successes. My shooting roll gave me three ones – a triple botch. (A botch roll is worse than an unsuccessful one.)

Since, it turned out, I had rolled out of turn, Game Master Kathi gave me the option of re-rolling. I chose to stick with my triple-botch, over the protests of my fellow players. For one thing, it was my roll, even out of turn, so I thought it was fair that I accept the consequences. More importantly, though, I’d never seen a triple-botch before, and I was curious to see what would happen.

Spider Smith successfully dove behind the dumpster, dodging the shotgun blast, and landed without injury. In mid-dive, he fired his revolver, which not only failed to fire, but fell apart in his hands, with pieces of gun littering the alley. (It makes one wonder about Spider’s skill as a motorcycle mechanic.)

Spider hid behind the dumpster, in shame, for the rest of the fight. Afterwards, he bought a new gun at a nearby pawn shop.

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