Morning Message

I decided, on a whim, to walk up the hill this morning and ride Link light rail all the way to work. I dropped a book off at the Capitol Hill Library and saw a mysterious typewriter in some bushes.

A half-block from Capitol Hill Station, I received a text message. “Link light rail is temporarily interrupted due to an emergency at Angle Lake Station. Updates will be provided as information become available.”

I wondered what kind of emergency at the southernmost station could shut down the whole system. I crossed Broadway and went to the stop for the 10 bus to Downtown.

I had no reason to check OneBusAway. The 10 or the 43 would be by shortly, and there was no benefit in knowing when. Still, it was something to pass the time.

When I unlocked my phone, I saw that a second alert had come in, one minute after the first. “Link light rail has resumed normal operation and service at all stations.”

That was very odd.

I crossed Broadway again, entered Capitol Hill Station, and had just enough time to post a photo of that typewriter before the train arrived.

I’ve been noticing that more and more people have figured out that our light rail trains have an exterior button to open the doors, but haven’t yet figured out the the button works only when it’s lit up. Once the doors close, and the train’s brakes are released, you can pound on the button as many times as you want, but the doors won’t open and the train is still going to leave the station.