Mysterious Footwear

I’ve written about this many times over the years, but it continues to intrigue me.

four shoesI come across pairs of unoccupied shoes all over the city. These obviously aren’t random shoes that have fallen out of some passerby’s backpack. These are pairs of matching shoes, carefully placed together along sidewalks or on top of low walls. It’s a fairly common thing.

Today, on my walk home from Capitol Hill Station, I happen upon two pairs of shoes, set at the base of a traffic sign. (The sign, by the way, was remarkably free of graffiti.)

My theory is  that it’s some kind of shoe exchange – shoes set out for those who need them, like a Little Free Library for footwear.

I’ve tagged this post with “Seattle”, but I have no idea if this is a phenomenon restricted to my city.

5 thoughts on “Mysterious Footwear

  1. Well I think if it’s not a thing, it’s about to be. I always wear my shoes until they literally fall apart, but my kids out grow theirs, and I have a pair I can leave somewhere randomly. 😃

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