A Random Lazy Day

Today was Free Comic Book Day.

Phillip and I walked over to Phoenix Comics and Games, and arrived a couple of minutes before the store opened. There were six or eight people in line ahead of us.

There were two tables of free comic books. One was “general audience”, and the other was more “mature” themes. We could pick out three free comics – or five free comics if we purchased something from the store. Like last year, every purchase was given a discount based on the roll of three six-sided dice – in other words, anywhere from 3 to 18 percent off.

Phillip picked out his three free comics. I picked out five comic books that looked interesting – the only two I know anything about are Steam Wars (a steampunk retelling of Star Wars, I think) and a Batman comic – and I bought Volume Three of Saga. I rolled a one, a two, and a four, for a 7% discount.

After we left Phoenix, we agreed that we didn’t want to go directly home, but neither one of us could think of anything we wanted to do. Phillip suggested taking a ride on light rail, and I agreed.

We had an eight-minute wait for a southbound train. We boarded the train, found seats, and as we left Capitol Hill Station, Phillip asked where we were going. I replied that I didn’t know. As I started thinking of where Link light rail could take us, Phillip suggested having lunch at Veggie Grill. That sounded good to me.

We exited at Westlake Station. It was 10:30, or so. We agreed that Veggie Grill probably wasn’t opened yet. So, we browsed around Westlake Mall.

We had lunch at Veggie Grill. I checked OneBusAway. We had a 29-minute wait for a 47, and a 10-minute wait for a 49. So we rode a 49 bus up to Broadway.

On our walk down the hill, we stopped into the Capitol Hill Library. (We both like having a library so close to home.) I book I wasn’t expecting so soon was on the hold shelf for me. Phillip picked out a couple of DVDs.

We’d considered driving down to Renton to look at new cars, but we took a short nap first. Our naps lasted longer than expected, so looking a new cars will be another day.


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