A Day With A Plan

We did some laundry at the laundromat this morning. Then we drove home, dropped off our clothes, and then drove to Northgate Mall.

We had plans to watch Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 with a group of friends – mostly from NorWesCon. Plans also included meeting at the food court before the movie for lunch and socializing.

Phillip and I got to Northgate a little early, so we spent some time cruising the mall. I think it’s funny that neither one of us are mall shoppers, but this was the second time this weekend that we’ve found ourselves window-shopping in a mall.

Shops hadn’t opened yet when we arrived, but we managed to wander around inside Spencer’s and ThinkGeek once they did open.

We met up with our friends at the food court and had lunch together. Then we all crammed into an elevator, and walked across the street to Thornton Creek and watched the movie. It was reserved seating, and we weren’t able to sit together as a group.

We met up again after the show. Then Phillip and I drove home, put our clothes away, and did some house cleaning.

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