O My Back

Last Monday, as I walked into the office, after a dental appointment, I suddenly experienced shooting low back pain. At first I thought the dental cleaning and the back pain were related (as in stress from a visit to the dentist) but I don’t think so anymore. It’s Friday evening, and my back’s feeling a lot better, but there is still pain.

I’ve been sleeping a lot, and the exercise ball in front of our home computer is uncomfortable. I haven’t missed any work this week, other than the dental appointment.

Every time I stand up, it’s an experiment. I brace myself, move slightly, feel for oncoming pain, shift my position, and try again. I’ve learned to slide to the end of a chair, and lift straight up with my legs and arms – which is a good habit to get into, even without back pain.

I’ve been walking slower this week. (Phillip can actually keep up with me.) I’ve been opting for elevators, rather than stairs.

I’ve been using the handicapped bathroom stall at work, exclusively. I love those railings.

I’ve grown to dislike lead-footed bus drivers. I’m not fond of gravity, when it makes things fall to the floor. Sneezes and coughs are my enemies.

Today was pretty much pain free. Still, there has been the unwise movement which feels like being hit in the back – I must look like some invisible object has hit me, too, judging by my coworkers’ alarmed looks.

It’s getting better.


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