Dreams And Such

I have a recurring dream. In it, I am in a group of people, traveling somewhere. We’ve reached a point where a group decision has to be made as to our course. I’m holding a map. That’s all there is to the dream. The interesting thing about this dream is that I never see anyone’s face in it – just the map in my hands and other people’s hands pointing to various routes. I most likely have had this dream more often than I remember.

I had that dream this morning. It was a different version of it, and yet it was still that same dream. A group of us are in a van. I’m driving. We’ve pulled off into an alley, because we have an hour before we need to leave Los Angeles, and we need to decide what we want to do with that hour. Someone in the van points out the sign, over to the left, pointing the way to a Visitor Information office – they might have a suggestion. I drive us down the alley, make a right, make another right turn, and start to make another right. End of dream. Again, I don’t see anyone else in the van. All I see is the steering wheel my hands, and the view through the windshield. It’s a horizontal steering wheel, like the one in an old VW van.

Today, we spent the day in Everett, role-playing the vampire game. I’m still not enjoying it as much as some of our previous games, but it was a fun day.

Yesterday, Phillip and I went to the University District Street Fair. We rode a 47 bus to Westlake Station, where we caught a Link light rail train to University of Washington Station. (Why not catch Link at Capitol Hill Station? We were feeling lazy.) From there, we caught a 44 bus to Phillip’s office. (He had to pick up something, or drop off something – I’m not sure.) Then we walked to the street fair.

We spent almost three hours at the fair. I bought a tie-dyed t-shirt, a bow tie, some body wash from a West Seattle couple who not only recognized us from last year but remembered what we bought, and a deck of tarot cards. Phillip bought an unusual umbrella, made in India from an assortment of recycled parts.

And, of course, we bought food and drinks at the fair.

I took some photographs at the street fair, but none of them successfully captured the feeling and expanse of it.

We rode a 49 bus home from the fair, stopping off at the grocery store and the library on the way home.

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