Things In General

It’s the First of June. Last night, I finished the 33rd book, of Popsugar’s Reading Challenge’s 40 main categories. I’ve started book 34. I’m already lining up books for the Advanced section. I’m thinking about next year – do I want to stick with Popsugar’s challenge, or do I want to try a different challenge? I have six months to decide.

My commute has become rather routine. It’s the 47 and Link in the morning, and, depending on my whim or on library holds, it’s either the 47 or Link home. There hasn’t been much to write about.

Last Tuesday morning, I got to the 47 bus stop, decided to play some Pokémon Go, and realized I’d forgotten my phone at home. I went home, picked up my phone, and, figuring I’d missed the 47, walked up the hill and rode light rail to work. That seemed interesting at the time, but I couldn’t figure out how to make a blog post about it.

Today, as I walked from my office to Pioneer Square Station, I found a dollar bill on the sidewalk. I gave it to a homeless man a half a block later.

I’ve become burned out on Pokémon Go. I knew that would happen, sooner or later. Phillip told me he’s feeling the same way. (He is suggesting reviving our evening Pokémon hunts, now that the weather is nicer, but mostly for the exercise.) I still do the daily catches, but that’s about it. There’s no big Pokémon Go events at Cal Anderson Park – not like the early days. My coworkers and I don’t talk about it at work anymore. Still, if it wasn’t for Pokémon Go, I probably wouldn’t have realized I forgotten my phone last Tuesday until after I’d found a seat on the bus.

I come home in the evenings, do my Spanish lessons on Duolingo (Yea, smartphones!), catch up on the latest news (Yea, smartphones!), and read more toward the Challenge. Then, when it’s my turn to jump on the computer, I play some Cities:Skylines (with the Mass Transit add-on) and/or The Sims 4 (with the Parenthood add-on). Then Phillip and I have dinner, and maybe watch a DVD. And I forget to blog.


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