Half A Weekend

On Saturday, Phillip and I joined about 15 friends (the NorWesCon group) at The Majestic Bay, in Ballard, to see Wonder Woman.

Phillip surprised me by requesting that we take a bus to Ballard. We always drive to Ballard. He had a good point, though: We always go to Ballard on Sundays, when parking restrictions aren’t enforced. It was Saturday, and parking would be more of a challenge.

We wanted to get to Ballard at 2:00. (The seats were not reserved, so the group needed people there early to find seats somewhat together.) I used Metro’s Trip Planner and found a combination of 49 and 44 buses that would get us there at 1:54.

We caught the 49 on Broadway, and had a brief wait for the 44 in the U District. We rode the 44 through the U District, and Wallingford, and whatever neighborhoods there may be between Wallingford and Ballard.

We were the first of our group to arrive at the theater. I looked at my watch. It was 1:53. (Not bad, Metro’s Trip Planner.)

I enjoyed the bus ride, and I enjoyed the group, and I enjoyed the movie, but I felt tired. As enjoyable as Wonder Woman was, I felt like I could have closed my eyes and napped through it.

After the movie, the group headed over for pizza, but Phillip wasn’t interested. So we said our goodbyes and walked over to the bus stop.

We had a short wait for the 44. I was thinking we were having terrific luck with buses, but I think now it was more a matter of frequent service on the 44.

On a whim, we hopped off the bus in Wallingford and went shopping at Archie McPhee.

As we walked out of Archie McPhee, I saw a 44 leaving the stop across the street. We got to the stop and, as I was starting to check OneBusAway, Phillip spotted another 44 approaching. The driver of that bus told us, without us asking, that the 44 ahead of him was running late and picking up his passengers. We waited at the stop for a couple of minutes to increase the gap between buses. For a little while, Phillip and I had the bus to ourselves.

On another whim, we decided to stay on the bus all the way through the U District, and take light rail home. We said goodbye to the nice bus driver, and walked toward University of Washington Station.

I took Phillip up and over the pedestrian bridge. He’s been voicing a desire to walk across that bridge, but on all our trips from the light rail station to the 44 stop into the U District, it’s been more convenient to just cross the street. The bridge is there mainly to get you between the station and campus. But, on Saturday, Phillip got to see the top of the pedestrian bridge.

On our walk home from Capitol Hill Station to home, neither one of us was looking forward to cooking, and neither one of us wanted to sit down in a restaurant, and neither one of us wanted hamburgers to go, so we stopped into Eat Local and picked up a frozen meal: bacon-wrapped chicken and Szechuan mushrooms.

I wanted to write a blog post about our day when I got home, but I was just too tired. Why was I so tired?

We had a long drive ahead of us on Sunday, and I decided to write my post in the morning – or just combine the two adventures into one post.

Saturday was a fun day. I wish I had had more energy.

Sunday was a party hosted by my sister and her new husband. I wanted to go. It’s been too long since we’ve seen them.

Sunday morning, however, I just couldn’t wake up. I kept trying to sleep some more, but it didn’t help. I couldn’t even find the energy to write that blog post.

If the party wasn’t an hour’s drive away, and so late in the evening, I would have gone, and made the best of it. If it were earlier in day, or on Saturday, I could have had some recovery time afterwards. Reluctantly, I decided not to go.

Phillip decided not to go without me. I have mixed feelings about that. I’m sorry I spoiled his fun. However, if he had gone without me, I would have worried about him. I’m the navigator in our marriage, and Granite Falls, to me, seemed like the middle of nowhere – miles from freeways or familiar landmarks. I’m sure he would have figured it out, but I would have still worried about him.

I spent Sunday sleeping and reading, and Phillip stayed home with me.

I felt better today. I went to work, and knew that every Link train that arrived would be a 3-car train. That’s awesome.