A Pleasant, But Weird, Afternoon

Phillip and I spent a pleasant afternoon visiting our friend Amy in her temporary lodging on First Hill. We spent a couple of hours together, just talking and visiting.

Because Amy was so close to home, Phillip suggested that we take public transit to get there. That was, of course, fine with me.

The 60 bus would have gotten us close, but it appeared to be on a reroute. So we boarded the 49 bus and transferred to the First Hill Streetcar. I figured the stop and Broadway and Union would get us the closest to our destination. It was a pleasant afternoon, and that stretch of Union Street isn’t very steep.

My transit sense was off today, for some reason. We somehow missed the stop at Union, and had to exit a couple of blocks later, at Marion. I was confused at that point about how to get us to Amy. My directional sense was off today, as well. I had to rely on Google Maps (Yea smart phones!) to get us there. It wasn’t a bad walk, though, and we saw the sights of First Hill.

I discovered, later, that there is, of course, no streetcar stop at Union. That’s a bus stop.

After our visit with Amy, Phillip and I walked over to Li’l Woody’s for a late lunch. Over lunch, Phillip asked that we ride the 49 bus back, so he could stop into Phoenix Comics. I replied that the 10 would get us closer. Phillip trusted my transit sense, despite the streetcar incident, so we caught a 10 bus up to Broadway.

The reason I’d suggested the 10 was that I was still remembering it stopping right before Broadway, and, unlike the 49, we could get to Phoenix without crossing the street. Of course, the 10 stop had been moved across Broadway, next to Capitol Hill Station, a long time ago. My transit sense was off today. The 10 was still slightly closer to Phoenix than the 49, but not for the reason I was thinking.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the 60 wasn’t on reroute today.