Library Visits

Phillip called in sick this morning, and went back to bed, so I had a quiet living room to myself. I decided to read some more pages of Afterworlds. Then I shaved, showered, and read some more. I got dressed, put on a tie, and read some more. I put on my boots, and read some more. I brushed my teeth, and read some more.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, with only minutes before I had to walk out the door, I finished the last page of Afterworlds. I walked outside, and realized it was raining slightly. With all that reading, I hadn’t checked the weather forecast. I hadn’t grabbed a hat on my way out. Even though I had plenty of time to go back and get a hat, I decided to keep going. It wasn’t raining that bad – more of a misting. My jacket has a hood, but I don’t like walking with a hood over my head – it obscures my vision too much.

Since I suddenly had a book to return, I headed up the hill, toward the Capitol Hill Library. I dropped Afterworlds into the book return slot, walked to Capitol Hill Station, and rode light rail to work.

I got to my desk and had enough time to put the finishing touches on the draft of my Afterworlds review post and publish it.

Usually, when I’m nearing the end of a book for the Reading Challenge, I’ll have the next book on hold, or, at least, planned for. The unexpected completion of this latest book left me unprepared.

During my morning break, I took a look at my “For Later” shelf. One book had two copies sitting on the shelf at the Central Library, a short walking distance from my office.

At lunch, I walked over to the Central Library and went to the fiction section. After first going to the wrong end of the section, I found the book I was looking for. (There are a couple of hints about the next book in the Challenge: It’s a novel, and the author’s name begins with either “A” or “Z”.)

I walked back to my office. It was raining harder then, and I wish I’d gone back for my hat this morning.

I saw my ex-wife, in passing, as I walked back to my office. We said hello has we passed in opposite directions.

I opted to ride the bus home this evening, since it gave me less walking time in the rain. I saw my ex-wife again as I stepped out of my office building. This time, we were going the same way, so we chatted a bit between the office building and the bus stop.

At the bus stop at 4th and Pike, I saw an old friend from church. (We’re both members, but, it turned out, neither one of us have attended in a long time.) We were waiting for different buses, but we had a nice talk while we waited.

It’s the middle of June, and I have only five books left in Reading Challenge. Then I intend to do the twelve in the Advanced section.

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