Change And Destruction

The southernmost district of Poplar Point, where Samson Valley’s cruise ship harbor is located, expanded northward. I built a shiny new football stadium on the district’s northern border.


The ferry line which served the cruise ship harbor continued to have low ridership, with tourists preferring the overcrowded blimps to the typically empty ferry boats. Still, I kept the ferry line, and added a stop near the stadium. The harbor ferry terminal continued to have daily usage numbers in the single digits, even though it was next door to the cruise ship harbor. Within days of its completion, the new stadium terminal saw ridership between 150-160 passengers per day, even when there wasn’t a game scheduled.

I saw that it was time to restructure the ferry line. I ended the line at the stadium terminal and removed the harbor terminal.

With the ferry line shortened, there was no longer a need for the channel that had been draining Samson Valley’s lakes. I closed off the channel with terraforming. (A hydroelectric dam could have worked there, but would have produced too little electricity for too great a cost.)

closed channel

The water level of the southeast lake rose, but not enough to cause significant flooding. The meteor-created atoll has nearly disappeared beneath the water.

sinking atoll

The Poplar Point district expanded across what was once the channel leading out to sea. The new district of Woodland Plain formed on the opposite shore. I created a new ferry line between Poplar Point and Woodland Plain. The Woodland Plain ferry terminal is currently serving around 100 passengers per day. The blimp line to the cruise ship harbor continues to prosper beyond its capacity.

expanding district

As Woodland Plain filled with citizens and businesses, a level 3 earthquake struck Samson Point’s oldest shopping district in the middle of the night.

old town quake 1

old town quake 2

Earthquake sensors detected the quake early, and citizens were evacuated. Destruction was massive, but casualties were low. Disaster response teams responded quickly. In a couple of days, the roads and infrastructure were repaired, transit lines were restored, and the area began rebuilding.

old town rebuilding

Then, a few days later, a 6.5 earthquake hit the low-density residential district of Churchtown. Many homes were lost, the intercity train line was severed, but the cathedral survived. Already, repairs are underway.

churchtown quake


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