Hair And Pirates

Right after we both got home from work today, Phillip and I walked up to Broadway, hopped on a 60 to First Hill, and visited with Amy for a while. We’d talked about driving there, but decided against it. Parking on First Hill on a weekday evening is hard to come by.

Phillip brought hair chalk with him, and had fun coloring Amy’s hair. (Amy gave me permission to post a photo on this blog, without me asking.)

Amys hair

After the hair coloring, Amy, Captain Phillip, and I played a quick game of Pirate Fluxx. Then it was time for us to get out of Amy’s hair.


As Phillip and I left the building, we discovered that the place has ample off-street parking. Next time, we’ll know. At least this time we got off at the correct bus stop.

We took a 2 bus up to Broadway, just missed a 60, and caught the streetcar home, with a stop off for teriyaki to go along the way.

It was a fun evening.