Another Neighborhood Mystery

Harrison Street Stop

This will be gone soon

One of the enjoyable things I find about riding home on a 47 bus on just an occasional basis is anticipating if that stop at Summit & Harrison will be there or not.

Honesly, I don’t get it. I’ve tried to come up with a logical theory, but I’m stumped.

Back when the 47 route was discontinued, it returned without a stop at Summit & Harrison. The route existed for a long time with just two stops along Summit Avenue, spaced 4 blocks apart.

Then, without any fanfare or announcement, the Harrison Street stop returned. Then it was gone again. (I don’t mean the stop was simply closed. It was completely removed. The sign was removed, and the curb was painted over.)

Then the stop returned. This last time, it existed for exactly one week. (That’s no joke – exactly one week.) Then it was gone – completely removed again.

The automated signage continued to announce a stop at Harrison Street. There was one driver who took pity on confused passengers and would stop in the middle of the intersection for them.

The stop remained gone for several weeks.

I think I noticed the stop’s most recent return sometime last week. It was still there this evening.

I wonder how long the bus stop will exist this time. I wonder how much it costs Metro Transit to install a bus stop sign or to paint a curb.

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