Samson Valley Transit Route 7

SV Transit’s route 7, with its bright yellow buses, is a real workhorse. It serves a variety of districts and constantly runs full.

Route 7 starts at the Stadium Square Ferry Terminal, on the shore of Northwest Lake. The district of Stadium Square contains hotels and shopping, an active night life, and Samson Valley FC Stadium.

Route 7 01

As it makes it way south along Foggy Boulevard, route 7 stops at the always popular Samson Valley Aquarium.

Route 7 02

It is popular with the employees of the Disaster Relief Center, who keep the city safe.

Route 7 03

Route 7 crosses over the bridge into the factories of Browne Point, at the south shore of Northwest Lake.

Route 7 04

It serves the workers and industries of Browne Point.

Route 7 05

It crosses several bridges as it makes it way south through Browne Point.

Route 7 06

Route 7 07

Route 7 is a hit with the timber workers of Conifer Corner.

Route 7 08

From Conifer Corner, Route 7 enters the hotels and offices of Poplar Point. It makes its southernmost stop at the Eden Project, and near the Riverfront Square Expo Center. This stop is also close to a monorail station which takes people north to Juventus Stadium or south to the Space Elevator.

Route 7 09

Route 7 once stopped at the entrance to the Cruise Ship Harbor. However, that harbor was replaced with a new harbor on the opposite shore, at the new tourism center which includes the Space Elevator.

Route 7 10

Route 7 loops back north through Poplar Point, Riverfront Square, Conifer Corner, and Browne Point.

Route 7 11

Its northern route brings it though Samson Valley’s oldest neighborhoods, until returning to Stadium Square Ferry Terminal.

Route 7 12



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