Sunset For Samson Valley


There comes a time in the life of any successful city I’ve created in Cities:Skylines when I realize it’s time to start creating a new city. Samson Valley has plenty of income, and no funding issues. It has plenty of room to grow. It survives disasters. I’ve spent a lot of time creating it. But when I consider expansion, it feels like simply filling in space.


I’m now spending time tweaking intersections, upgrading streets here and there, aligning transit hubs – but not really changing much.


international airport

north stadium hub

I spent time sitting back and enjoying the details of the city. I watch citizens go about their days – but not really playing an active role. I realize the city is completed.

quiet moment 1

quiet moment 2

quiet moment 3

It’s time to start a whole new city. I keep saying I’ll come back to revisit my old creation, but I never do.