An Afternoon At The Movies

This afternoon, Phillip and I hopped in the car, drove to the U District, and met up with Cristina at the AMC 10 (formerly the Sundance).

pear martiniThe theater still looks like the Sundance. It still has a bar and food menu. I had a pear martini again (and it was still delicious) and a bag of Peanut M&Ms. I really do hope AMC keeps the bar.

The theater still has reserved seating, which I love, even though it makes going to see a movie with friends a bit tricky.

Before the movie, the artsy short films Sundance showed were replaced by more traditional movie trailers.

The film we saw was It Comes at Night. I absolutely loved it. I went into the theater knowing nothing about the film. (Cristina and Phillip picked it out.) That lack of foreknowledge was perfect for this film. It was one of those stories that drops you right into it, and lets you pick up what’s happening as it goes along.

After the show, the three of us got into our car and drove to Veggie Grill in University Village.

Fala-FullI had a “Fala-Full” sandwich and a beer.

It was Cristina’s first visit to a Veggie Grill. I think it made a good impression on her.

I had been doing the driving up to that point. Over dinner, though, I handed the car key over to Phillip, who had had neither a martini nor a beer.

We dropped Cristina off at home, and Phillip and I drove home.

It’s been a fun afternoon.

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