Driving To First Hill

It is an unfortunate truth that, unless your destination in near the streetcar line, driving from Capitol Hill to First Hill is a whole lot easier than taking public transit. The down side is that, unless your destination has an off-street lot, parking on First Hill is tough to find.

Phillip and I drove to First Hill today to visit Amy. Where she’s staying has an off-street lot. Just as we pulled into the lot, an on-street spot opened up nearby. On-street parking was free today, so we moved the car.

DupleWe brought two card games with us: Borogove (which Phillip and I had played only once, and Amy never has), and Duple (which none of us have played before).

We played several games of Duple, which turned out to be a very fun game. We had a great afternoon, visiting and chatting.

We didn’t color Amy’s hair this time.

As Phillip and I walked back to our car, we discussed going somewhere for lunch. Phillip requested that we go somewhere we haven’t eaten before.

I suggested Blue Water Taco Grill, over on Madison. I’ve been there before, but Phillip hasn’t. That sounded good to Phillip. We drove to Madison Street, and discovered that Blue Water was closed today.

Phillip suggested Rhein Haus, over on 12th Avenue. German food is never my first choice in cuisine, but I agreed to it.

We found plenty of parking off of 12th. Rhein Haus was closed today, however. The Chieftain, next door, was open. I do love Irish food. So, that’s where we went for lunch.

The Chieltan

It was Taco Tuesday at The Chieftain, but I had a Guinness and beef stew. Phillip had a margarita and mac & cheese. The Irish pub was playing reggae over the speakers. It was all good, and I hope we go back there soon.

We’re staying in this evening.


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