Welcome To Glenns Fjord

My latest city is built on and around some rather mountainous terrain. It is requiring some engineering creativity. I’m trying to keep the terraforming to a minimum, and use the natural shape of the land. It may never become a megatropolis, and that’s OK.

As for mass transit, the city has cable cars and a tram line. A train line seems impossible, and I don’t know how I can fit in an airport. The deep fjords make  ferry lines unlikely.  Blimps are a possibility for future growth.

It’s a challenging city. Also, it rains a lot.

Welcome to Glenns Fjord.


Cable Cars

Twisty Highway

7 thoughts on “Welcome To Glenns Fjord

  1. I am still new to this game, how did you make the elevated street down the hill?

    I learned my lessons with terraforming (laugh). Sometimes things worked out as I wanted, other times I really messed up parts of my city. Yesterday I did unintentionally terraform my map (laugh), I placed a dam and forgot to check if everything is working…. I played along and then I noticed how some districts flooded while the riverbed of the other side dried out… the dam was not working and caused this 😀 I was amazed about the water physic feature and laughed hard when parts of my land transformed into deserts after the water dried up.

    Quite addictive the game 🙂

    • Hi Dennis!

      I used the free-form curve tool (the icon that looks like a weird S). I started at the bottom of the hill, and tried out various shapes until the game no longer said “Slope too steep”. I worked my way up the hill, plopping down one curve at a time. The game made some sections of the road elevated all by itself, but I could have used the Page Up key if I wanted.

      I agree – terraforming is tough! I’ve been at this game for a while, and I’m still trying to get the hang of it.

      • Thanks. For now I usually just used the line and curve tool, but the tool you used sounds interesting, I will give it a try! I also didn’t know about page up, I will try this too! 🙂

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