Up And Down The City

This morning, Phillip and I drove to the U District. We picked up Cristina. Then we drove north, up 15th Avenue, to 165th, to the Crest Theater, in Ridgecrest. (Cristina had never been to the Crest before today.)

We saw The Book of Henry. Afterwards, the three of us agreed that the movie wasn’t very good, with three different degrees of terribleness.

After the movie, we discussed where to go for lunch. We agreed on Beth’s Cafe, in Green Lake. (Cristina had never been to Beth’s before today.) Beth’s Cafe was Phillip’s suggestion, and he also suggested that we should do some coloring while we were there.

So, we drove from Ridgecrest to the U District, and stopped at Cristina’s place, so she could pick up her coloring supplies.

Then we drove from the U District to Capitol Hill, so Phillip could run in to our place and pick up his coloring supplies.

Then we drove from Capitol Hill, through South Lake Union, to Green Lake, and had lunch at Beth’s Cafe – although we all ordered from the breakfast menu. And, we colored.

(I keep writing “we drove”, but I did all the driving today, and I’m proud of my ability to navigate around the city today, using only surface streets.)

After lunch, we drove to Archie McPhee, in Wallingford. (Cristina had never been in Archie McPhee before today.)

After shopping, we dropped Cristina off in the U District. Then Phillip and I drove home, and I took a nap.

5 thoughts on “Up And Down The City

      • I’d actually been wondering if that was a regional thing. When we drove to the Crest, we could have taken Interstate 5. Instead we took a more scenic route on 15th Avenue. That’s what we call “taking surface streets”.

        Our traffic reports sound that way, too: “Southbound I-5 is experiencing backups between 45th and Downtown. We advise taking surface streets, if possible.”

      • No, never heard of that here on the East Coast. Odd how the American language is so diversified from coast to coast. I know we have different accents, but now I know we use completely different words that aren’t even slang.

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