The Surprising Neighborhoods Of Glenns Fjord

Glenns Fjord is expanding more than I had expected it to. As the population slowly increases, and I’m able to buy more squares of land, I’m finding more and more little areas suitable for building. Still, the terrain continues to be a challenge, and I’m enjoying that.

Glenns Fjord

The population of Glenns Fjord is currently around 23,000 citizens.

It even has a football stadium. When I started this city, I didn’t think it would have room for a stadium, but I found a suitable area with easy access to the freeway. Citizens can also get to the games by roadways, a pedestrian pathway, a bus line, and a blimp line. The Stadium neighborhood is working out quite nicely.


One of the things I think is missing in Cities: Skylines is parking lots and garages. (Maybe that’s me thinking like an American.) So, I downloaded some lots from the Steam Workshop. (I love how friendly this game is to customization. That’s aimed at you, The Sims 4.) The parking lots work great – cars actually use them – they have the happiness bonus of a park, and they add some realism to commercial, business, and tourism districts, as well as transportation hubs and stadiums.

I don’t have a lot of custom content, actually. In addition to parking lots, I have a couple of filling stations, for that same sense of realism. I’ve subscribed to some custom buses, trams, and trains – for variety, and, it some cases, greater seating capacity. As for mods, I’ve subscribed to Traffic President (absolutely essential for forcing traffic to use all lanes), First Person Camera (not very beneficial, but fun for viewing your city up close), and Crossings (for adding mid-block crosswalks – another thing missing from Cities: Skylines).


Glenns Fjord’s newest neighborhood is named Seaview. It’s on the west side of the city. It’s a mixture of high density housing, offices, and a small leisure district. It’s home to the city’s Opera House and Grand Library. It’s surrounded by mountains on two sides, and water on the other two sides. Access to Seaview is from a tunnel road (with a tram line in it) through a mountain, a cable car over the mountain, and a ferry line along the river.

Seaview Entrance

I wrote earlier that a ferry line in Glenns Fjord seemed unlikely, but it now has a ferry line, and it’s very popular.

Seaview Ferry

One funny thing about Cities: Skylines is the scale of its buildings. Realistically, would a city of 23,000 have this many skyscrapers? (23,000 is the population of Bainbridge Island, Washington. I’ve been there, and I’ve never seen a building as tall as these.) Citizens must have huge apartments. Honestly, though, I don’t worry about it. It’s a game – a game where people fly to football matches in blimps.

Seaview Buildings

I love playing Cities: Skylines.

Ferry Sunset

One thought on “The Surprising Neighborhoods Of Glenns Fjord

  1. I love a game where people have HUGE apartments! No wonder the residents are happy! I really do think you should run for Seattle City Council as you have a better assessment of what makes the citizens happy. Including a stadium, chortle! I heard that “stadium” is an issue, these days!

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