Last week, I received an email from the City of Seattle. Attached to the email was a temporary RPZ 32 guest permit, in a PDF, which we could print out and place on a dashboard until the hangtag arrived. I printed it out, just in case a guest stopped by, but we never used it.

guest permitThis evening, as Phillip and I were walking home from dinner at Roosters (having gone there directly from work), I told Phillip that I’d been seeing a few permanent permits in windshields. In fact, we passed by a parked car that that had a permit stuck in its windshield. Phillip then predicted that we’d find our permit in the mailbox when we got home.

Phillip was right. It was in our mailbox. We now have our own, official RPZ 32 guest permit hangtag.

I read the fine print on the permit, and I’m glad I did. I learned this evening that this is a guest permit. It’s illegal for us to use this on our own car. I had no idea. If the apartment building parking lot is being washed, for instance, and we have to park on the street for a while, we’re going to have to move our car every two hours.

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