Southern Adventures

Phillip and I went to the NorWesCon volunteers’ picnic today.

First, we stopped at QFC to pick up something to bring to the picnic. Then we stopped into the storage unit to pick up our camping chairs. Then we got onto southbound I-5. I was driving.

The picnic was at Steel Lake Park, in Federal Way, as it was last year and the year before that. I relied on my excellent geographic memory to get us there. (Really, though, it’s just one exit, one roundabout, a left turn, and you’re there.)

My geographic memory didn’t fail me – but I did miss that last left turn. Being a city fellow, I figured all I had to do was drive around the block, and we’d be at the park. The first problem with that was: There’s nothing in that area that resembles a “block”. The second problem was: My excellent geographic memory is visual, and I didn’t remember the name (or, rather, number) of the street the park is on. I got us lost.

Phillip pulled out his smart phone and asked for directions. (Yea, smart phones!) Google Maps got us lost, too – apparently, there was once an entrance where that fence is now – but it got us to the park, and we found the entrance.

The picnic was fun, but the real treat of the day was Geoff and Pearl’s wedding immediately following, right there at the picnic area.

Pearl was one of our witnesses when Phillip and I got married at NorWesCon, so I was thrilled to be at her wedding.

As expected, it was a bright, colorful ceremony, full of fairies, Skittles (the costume group), ribbons, and bubbles. It was a whole lot of fun.


There was some major construction work on northbound I-5, so we took Pacific Highway home, through SeaTac, Duwamish, and Georgetown, up and over Beacon Hill, through the International District and First Hill. We dropped the camping chairs into the storage unit on the way home. I was still driving, and I didn’t get us lost.

It was a hot, sunny day today, but with nice, cool breezes in the park. I wore a short-sleeved t-shirt, remembering that the picnic area is covered, and there is plenty of shade to be found. Geoff and Pearl’s wedding was in direct sunlight, however. I acquired my first sunburn of the summer.

It was a terrific day.

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