Reading On A Phone

My smart phone has replaced our camera. Now, it feels like it could replace my eReader.

One day, I was getting anxious for my next library hold, and I started wondering about the possibility of using an app to read a library eBook. I looked at the Overdrive app, which the Seattle Public Library uses. I discovered that Overdrive has something new, something supposedly friendlier, named Libby. I downloaded the Libby by Overdrive app and gave it a shot.

Having never used the Overdrive app, I can’t say if Libby is easier, or friendlier, but I can say that getting a library eBook into my phone is a lot easier than getting a library eBook into my Kobo Mini.

It used to be that I’d download a library eBook into our PC. Then I’d convert it through Adobe Reader. Then I’d upload it to my Kobo Mini. It was a three-step process, but it was quick and easy.

Then Adobe Reader started acting up. It just wouldn’t convert library eBooks, and my Kobo Mini couldn’t open them. I tried various solutions, but couldn’t fix it, and I gave up on it.

But, anyway, even if Abode Reader was working, the Libby by Overdrive app is a whole lot easier. I find an available eBook, click “Borrow” and it’s on my phone for the next 21 days. (I can also place holds through the app, but I haven’t tried that yet.)

So far, I’ve read two eBooks on my phone, and I’ve started a third. I returned the first two before the 21 days was up. I’m curious about what the app does when an eBook expires, but I’m too conscientious of a library patron to hang onto a book just to find out.

Libby and/or my phone messes up the formatting of the text occasionally, but not enough to make it unreadable – and it’s really minor.

Having an eBook on my phone means that I’m reading on buses and trains more than I used to. My smart phone is easier the hold than a book, and opens faster than my Kobo Mini.

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